My Story

My passion for miniatures started as a child when I would buy Airfix kits to make model ships and planes, and also to stage very serious battles with my mates using our tiny plastic armies. My love of all these things had to take a back seat while I raised a family and became an adult.

Fortunately for me my youngest daughter is very keen on playing Dungeons And Dragons with her group of good friends. A few years ago she got this idea that I needed another hobby, as if I didn't have enough interests already, so she arranged for me to pick her up to bring her home after night games, and also to have me with her when she needed to go to the games shop for new miniatures and paint supplies.

Of course she knew I would be sucked in, so in a short while I found myself trying to fumble my way through games of "Bolt Action" And "Age Of Sigma".

I soon started painting miniatures and creating terrain.

Fast forward to today, We have an array of Resin and Filament printers which we are using to grow a miniatures and terrain business.

We only sell models that we have obtained commercial licenses for.

This website is an ever growing collection of our own prints and also models we puchase to paint and game with for personal enjoyment.

The thing I enjoy most is taking time to research and accurately paint in detail the miniatures.

I hope you find this site inspiring.

This site is growing daily so keep calling back please